Freedom from fear: avoid joinder, fines and arrests using common law

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In this 3 hour workshop, Tahra and and the team will give you an introduction to common law in relation to the police and other ‘authorities’.

We’ll role play the police encounter and you’ll practice the provided script with a coach. This is where you get individual support and feedback and time to practice the script again and again.

This workshop is split into 2 parts:

Part 1 - mastering the basics

You’ll learn:

  • about Common Law and Statutory/Maritime Law
  • the difference between legal and lawful
  • the law in relation to The Coronovirus Act 2020
  • how to apply the knowledge in your life and avoid police brutality and government tryanny
  • the script of how to converse with the police to make sure you do give your authority away

Part 2 - role play with a coach

In this part, you’ll:

  • practice the role with a highly experienced and compassionate coach
  • connect to your inner power that has always been there but has become buried
  • receive bespoke feedback on how to elevate your execution and your strengths

You will get to practice by doing the role play with a highly experienced and compassionate coach who will empower you to connect to your inner power which as always been there but which has become buried.

There will be plenty of time for your question during the workshop.

Dates and times

This workshop runs every Tuesday at 7pm for 3 hours.

When you buy a ticket, you’ll be attending the next session. We’ll email you with details.

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