Advanced Training

This training is for those that have ALREADY gone through the first training workshop – How to avoid fines and arrests.

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An informative and targeted session with Tahra Pure on an introduction to Common law in relation to the police and to the “authorities”.

There will be a live role play and the script will be provided.


Our Course Offerings

You will learn:

  • The art of how to remain in honour whilst holding dominant figures in authority, like senior police officers, to account.
  • You will get to experience yourself as a powerful leader who, in the face of tyranny, can still stand for your principals and own your truth like never before.
  • You will get to serve notice to these police officers in a very direct way, where you will get to see and experience the successful results, sometimes literally immediately, when the Inspector/Chief Inspector gives directions to remove his/her officers from the protests instantly, resulting in zero fines and arrests on the day.
  • You will get to experience taking action in spite of fear and then, as soon as you are giving notice, you get to experience freedom from fear. On the other side of that is REAL freedom and power.

There will be an opportunity to work with a coach in a breakout room with other individuals to support you and deepen the coaching from the workshop. You will be given the script, feedback and time to practice the role play again.

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Part 1 – An interactive presentation, where you will learn:

  • You will be left empowered with the self belief and conviction in your own leadership qualities.
  • You will get to experience yourself, in the role play, as an authentic expression of contribution to others.
  • You will learn about your role in any planned pending crises where leadership will be required at the local level and to be a leader in place as the system implodes
  • Participants will know what it means to stand up at the level of community.
  • To empower YOU to deal powerfully with all “authority” figures including all senior level power structures
  • This is about leadership, assertion and creating your own community.

and much more.

Part 2 – Breakout room session with a coach:

  • A 30 minute – 1 hour role play session with an experienced Lawful Observer on how to put the police on notice 
  • In your session, there will be no more than 4 other people in order to maximise the coaching you will receive.

      Part 3 – Q+A with feedback and crucial tips on expansion:

      • A 1 hour Q&A session following the breakout room coaching.
      • Know how to create your team

      Our workshops are about how to deal effectively with agents and the authorities using Common Law and Role Play. The results have been transformational, forever life changing and lots of fun!

      Join this thirty minute session to get a flavour for what The Freedom Festival is about. Meet our team and listen to their stories about personal growth, what it looks like to overcome challenges, finding inner power and becoming the warriors they (and now you) were born to be.

      In this session you will find out about Common Law, the foundation of our society and watch a live role play session in action with one of our world class coaches.

      What Our Students are Saying.....

      Freedom Festival is the best group by a mile. Everyone here makes it special.

      The group gives hope and strength. It is beautiful and unique.

      Since being part of the freedom festival family, My leadership skills have evolved. I feel excited about our future more than ever before, and this group is a big part of this.

      I have only good things to say.

      Thank you Tahra and Robert. Thank you to everyone part of this amazing group. I would also like to thank Liz for her support and encouragement. We all stand tall and in honour.


      What Our Students are Saying.....

      I cannot speak highly enough of the freedom festival. Following the teaching and implementing it across all areas of my life, has given me the confidence I have always been lacking. I now see that the fear of authority which I once held, was simply unnecessary and the freedom festival has helped me to overcome that fear.

      We currently find ourselves in a time where authority figures are enforcing the powers, we once gave to them, and using them against us. It’s solely down to the freedom festival that I have come to learn it doesn’t have to be that way! We gave them the power, and we can take it back! We have it within us to do that, and the freedom festival has showed me how to access the inner strength I didn’t believe I held. I would like to say “Thank you” to everyone who has been involved in taking me on this journey, you have changed my life!


      What Our Students are Saying.....

      An enormous thank you to Tahra and the team for helping me to find direction and a way to channel my frustration into a positive force for good.   Through the excellent teaching and coaching sessions, I have been given a major boost in confidence. I have been able to continue my work as a facilitator and organised a number of events despite the government restrictions making it near impossible to do so. Tahra’s level of drive, determination and dedication in taking on the lies and the deceit is both energising and empowering. Her approach to coaching is very skilled, very effective and comes with a healthy dose of tough love! I thank her for being very persistent in bringing out the best I have to offer in these times of uncertainty. Love to the whole amazing community


      What Our Students are Saying.....

      “I have no fear now thanks to the training I received here”


      “I know I am who I am. And that is a sovereign being with limitless capacity and power.”

      I discovered it many years ago but always in the face of figures in uniform I was somewhat nervous or less than my true self.
      Now I realise who I am in the face of anyone and it only took a couple of coaching sessions!

      There’s a bit of magic in it. It is truly transformational!!

      Our future lies in common law and reclaiming our sovereignty. That only comes from knowing it in your bones so that you always stand in honour.
      I could not stand by, my conscience would not allow. I feel so grateful to this amazing community”


      What Our Students are Saying.....

      “It has been a transformational experience and I have seen other people transform too. I’ve gained leadership skills, confidence, initiative and I take ownership over tasks. It has been an exciting journey and I am pleased to be part of Tahra’s team. I have become more aware of my ego and enjoy being part of a strong team. My experience has helped me manage my Telegram groups much more effectively. I am more direct now with my approach and have assisted lots of people in learning Common Law.”

      master robert

      What Our Students are Saying.....

      ‘I highly recommend Tahra Pure’s inspirational training sessions! A combination of role-play and core Common Law principles as self-empowerment for individuals and businesses. You will learn tools and vocabulary and get the chance to act out different roles – the aim being to avoid joinder, fines and arrest with police, to survive arrest if it comes to that and to stay open as a business at this time of threat and forced closure. Best of all – you will learn how to put public servants on notice and hold them accountable, as a sovereign being, using the oldest, most sacred Law of the Land. This work is very empowering, especially at this time, and at all times…! This method has improved my confidence and given me a whole new state of mind, which I look forward to sharing with others.”

      Faye Patton