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Who Are The Freedom Festival?

The Freedom Festival was conceived in the early stages of ‘lockdown’. We would meet up and be a source of encouragement to each other.
As a result, the community grew larger and what became apparent was the need to provide solutions to the Truth Community.

And so our journey began!

When the police were coming down hard on the protesters, we were coming out stronger!

In response to the brutality at protests, we began our practical workshops for people to attend to know how to exactly deal with the police and other authorities.
Because of it success and effectviness, the workshop became our flagship training course ‘How to avoid creating Joinder with the Police to avoid arrests and fines’.
At The Freedom Festival we run empowerment workshops that transform lives and allow individuals to find their inner power.

The results of these workshops have been transformational, forever life changing and lots of fun for our participants!

We have created a community of compassionate and passionate Truth lovers and Freedom fighters.

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Online Workshops

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